Here is What YOU Can Expect At Pure Heart Worship Center

First and foremost we are about FAMILY. We especially have a heart for youth. So we always are attentive to the next generation of God’s Kingdom Builders!

Still, you are probably wondering what a typical service with us is like.

If you had to sum it up in one word it would be FREEDOM.

Have you ever been to a major sporting event at a stadium?

You should expect your encounter with God and us to be just as electrifying and powerful as an overtime playoff game where your team wins.

Our church is like that. Devoted. Passionate. Transformative.

You will see:

1) Lots of diversity with people from all walks of life spanning every social, economic, ethnic, generational, gender and ability background.

2) Lots of passion. We love Jesus. Our devotion is like that of a sports fan times 100.

You might see some people just sitting with their eyes closed and head bowed in reverence to the goodness of the grace of our God.

You might see some bowing down on the floor crying in the presence of the holiness of our Lord and Savior.

You might see others jumping, throwing up their hands and dancing in praise to the glory of our Heavenly Father.

BIBLE BASED teaching & sermons.

Don’t worry, because no matter where you are with knowing God’s Word you will be “fed.

We serve up weekly helpings of both milk (for those just learning) AND meat (for those more experienced!)

We also have dynamic sermons that come straight from the Word of God to teach you how to practically and successfully serve Jesus in living a lifestyle of faith.

Some will nod knowingly during the sermon, others will shout out words of encouragement like “Yes!”, “Alright!” and “AMEN”.

During Bible study, there are lots of questions as people process together how to walk out what the Bible encourages us to do.

Bottom line, we want you to be comfortable in worshiping God with us in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

You should be OK with being yourself.

You should be fine with who He has made you to be.

Because we will be.